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Quang and his Job Coach. Quang said, "“I am pleased and excited about the journey I am taking with self-employment. It has changed my life.”

When Quang first came to atWork Australia’s Disability Employment Services office in Chester Hill, NSW, he was quite hesitant about the idea of having to find employment. Quang comes from a culturally and linguistically diverse background and in the past, he has had difficulties communicating with Job Coaches about his health conditions and ability to find employment.

When Quang met his Job Coach, Fatimah, she sat down and listened as Quang explained his health barriers and concerns about finding work. In addition to Quang’s language barrier, he had physical limitations which impacted on the type of work he could do, and he lived with chronic pain. However, Quang did express that he would be interested in a driving position.

Quang and his Job Coach, Fatimah, worked together to slowly build Quang’s confidence and self-belief in his ability to find work. At each appointment, Fatimah would support Quang to take small steps in the right direction to ensure he was consistently progressing on the right track. Fatimah would discuss the range of employment opportunities Quang could pursue as a driver; she even mentioned the possibility of self-employment.

The idea of self-employment sparked Quang’s interest, and he liked the thought of being his own boss. Fatimah began supporting Quang on his self-employment journey, Fatimah created Quang an Australian Business Number and he was soon out on the road, working for himself.

Quang has been very appreciative for the support he has received from atWork Australia and his Job Coach, Fatimah. This new opportunity has helped to build Quang’s confidence and given him the ability to change his life for the better. Quang said, “I am very happy I have been able to start this journey of self-employment. It has allowed me to achieve my employment goal and support my family.”

Quang is very excited about his future and is looking forward with a positive attitude. atWork Australia will continue to support Quang and enjoy watching him progress on his journey.

“I am pleased and excited about the journey I am taking with self-employment. It has changed my life,” said Quang.

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