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Sharon lives with an ailment that hinders her ability to lift or push with her arms. She is a mature aged woman from Queensland who had been out of work for several years.

She sought the help from the atWork Australia Mount Gravatt team to return to the workforce as she was keen to work as soon as she could. Sharon expressed to her atWork Australia Job Coach that her goal was to work in Individual Aged Care, and together they set to work to see what was available in the region, and what would suit Sharon’s abilities.

Sharon’s Job Coach called several local companies and told them about Sharon’s situation and about her passion and eagerness to make a change in the lives of elderly people.

One employer on the list of companies to call was an organisation who specialise in hospital support, personal care, respite, nanny and in-home care services. Sharon’s story resonated with them and they interviewed Sharon, and to her great delight, she got the job. This, by all accounts, was a dream come true for Sharon. Her Job Coach said, “Sharon’s wish came true, she is now officially starting her new job role as an Individual Aged Care worker.”

Sharon’s Job Coach also remarked about Sharon’s drive to not give up.

She was incredibly thankful for the support that she received from atWork Australia and believes that, “no Job Coach had ever helped her the way that atWork Australia had.”

The great care and effort that was put into finding the right job was typified by the mutual understanding that they would work together to make Sharon’s dreams a reality. Sharon’s Job Coach said, “she told me she did not want to give up and I said I will try my best to help her into her dream job”. Which she did.

She continued, “Sharon hugged me, and in tears, saying thank you so much to atWork Australia for helping her see her dreams and passions, and making them a reality, she could not believe that finally she has found her place with a wonderful organisation and can’t wait to see her clients for the first time.”

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