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Client Shelley and her Job Coach. Shelley said, "atWork Australia has helped create a better life for my family."

Shelley is on a mission to make changes in her life and has a strong desire to achieve her career goals.

As a parent, Shelley has conflicting priorities; she was looking for a new and exciting opportunity that would provide her with job satisfaction, flexibility to be there for her family, career progression, and most importantly, a permanent part-time position to provide additional security for her family.

When Shelley came to atWork Australia’s Drysdale office in Victoria, to get assistance from the Workforce Australia team; she was looking for guidance and support to achieve her career goals.

When Shelley met with her Job Coach, Kristie, she explained that she was currently working in a casual role. However, this position was not providing her with the stability, flexibility and work-life balance that she needed. Additionally, she was eager for opportunities to progress in her career. Shelley outlined that it was important to her to find a position that was permanent part-time and would fit in to her busy home life.

Shelley and her Job Coach, Kristie, began brainstorming alternative employment opportunities; considering Shelley’s transferable skills and the jobs and industries she could potentially work in. To start, Kristie drafted Shelley a cover letter and explained the importance of tailoring the letter for each application, to highlight how her skills and attributes meet the requirements the employer is looking for. Additionally, they updated Shelley’s resume, to look professional and to help her stand out from the other applicants.

Now, Shelley is equipped with a new cover letter and resume; it did not take her long to secure a new position as a barista at café in an aged care facility. This opportunity ticked all the boxes she was looking for; the position was permanent part-time, provided career progression opportunities, gave Shelley the flexibility to still carryout her parenting duties, and to top it off, it was close to home. Shelley’s Job Coach, Kristie, said, “Shelley has worked hard to put herself in a position to achieve her career goals. I am very happy for her and look forward to watching her progress on her journey.”

The team at atWork Australia get so much joy from seeing clients progress and achieve their goals. Shelley was very appreciative of the support she received from her Job Coach. Shelley said, “The support has been helpful in so many ways, giving me motivation and direction.”


“atWork Australia has helped create a better life for my family,” said Shelley.

Every year, atWork Australia help thousands of clients like Shelley, expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals

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