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Good news from atWork Australia.

Create Apparel is a small business in Auburn, New South Wales, that specialises in printing on clothing, such as custom t-shirts or uniforms.

Owner, Tracy, was finding it hard to source a part-time employee who fit in well with the culture of the team. She was recommended to atWork Australia by a friend.

atWork Australia’s Employer Engagement Consultant, Irene, along with her manager, met with Tracy to learn more about the business and what they were looking for.

They completed a walkthrough of the warehouse and observed the pick-packer role they were looking to hire. They took the time to understand the culture and exactly what was required to fill the role.

“In just a short time we were able to gain an understanding of the business and their culture,” said Irene.

Within a few days, the team referred atWork Australia client, Megan. Megan had an interest in design and her values aligned with the culture Irene had witnessed.

“From the first day, Tracy was impressed with how Megan has picked up the role so quickly and fitted in with the culture and team.”

“Megan is someone who we would not have met if it wasn’t for atWork Australia,” said employer, Tracy.

“It was so efficient, convenient and saved us time by having a suitable candidate referred to us who had already been interviewed for the role.”

Irene is currently working with Tracy again to recruit for the same position, as Megan has now been promoted to a full-time role.

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