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atWork Australia's clients stand with their colleagues at their new job at WA Pines.

WA Pines owner, Nancy, has many years of experience with recruitment; hiring staff over her many years managing the business.

WA Pines, located in Bellvue, Western Australia, has grown recently but is still a small business, too small for their own recruitment team.

As they grew, Nancy found her time had become scarce as she focused on the business needs.

Putting aside time for recruitment became less of a priority for her.

Nancy met with Jessica, atWork Australia’s Employer Engagement Consultant, in the local area.

She said she is grateful to atWork Australia for delivering exceptional assistance to navigate suitable clients into sustainable employment.

“I am grateful to Jess and the Midland team at atWork Australia, for their wonderful assistance and quality services,” said Nancy.

Since meeting Jessica, Nancy has hired two atWork Australia clients who have quickly become invested in the daily running of the factory.

“atWork Australia saves time and I know that Jess has attention to detail, so every single referral she sent me was suitable and quality for my business needs”

“The two candidates that I employed this month are both hard workers. I have a great support network with the Midland team.”

Jessica, and the team in Midland, look forward to continuing to find the right candidates for WA Pines when they need them.

Looking for great talent to join your workplace? atWork Australia’s Government funded employment service is here to help. Get in touch today to find out more 1300 080 856 or enquire online.

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