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Alex is now working again and optimistic about the future after suffering from an anxiety disorder that prevented him from working for four years.

From Milperra, west of Sydney, Alex contacted the Bankstown office of atWork Australia in February this year. While he’d previously worked for a year as an assistant mechanic, and prior to that in a factory for a short time, he’d had no work since 2016.

His Job Coach, Yousef, says when they first met, Alex had no confidence in himself because of his mental health condition.

“Unemployment can really exacerbate anxiety and depression, but we also know that people with mental health conditions can work, and we’ve seen first-hand the profound impact work has on individual mental health,” he says.

Because one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to finding a job, Yousef spent time talking with Alex and listening to his needs and goals. From there, they produced a job plan and began their search for sustainable work.

This involved creating a resume, writing cover letters, helping Alex prepare for interviews, and connecting him with employers within atWork Australia’s network.

At the same time, Yousef arranged regular counselling sessions for Alex, as part of atWork Australia’s specialised support for people with mental health conditions.

Only a fortnight later an employer offered to interview Alex for a Warehouse Operator position, and he got the job.

Alex says he feels he’s now “back on track”.

“I’m proud of myself and optimistic about my future. I also feel grateful to Yousef for being so supportive of me. He was very proactive in his support which really helped,” he says.

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