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When Sonia from Ipswich, Queensland met her Disability Employment Services Job Coach Judy she had been working in a warehousing role, a role that she really enjoyed. Prior to this Sonia had various other jobs since the age of 17. Unfortunately, Sonia could no longer work in her job in warehousing based on a recent diagnosis of Epilepsy.

Having worked for over 30 years, being unemployed was a new experience for Sonia, an experience she was struggling with. Sonia also couldn’t drive anymore, which meant she was limited to finding roles that were close to home or accessible by public transport. Sonia was ready and eager to go back to work, she just didn’t know how to find work that supported her changed circumstances.  Are you currently in a similar position to Sonia? Call us today on 1300 080 856

Together Sonia and Judy assessed what Sonia’s options were, and set new career goals that would support Sonia’s condition. Sonia decided she wanted to change career paths completely and find work in aged care. Judy thought this was a brilliant idea and together they found a course Sonia could study in her local area, to support her find work in aged care. Sonia started her Certificate Four in Aged Care in March of this year.

Sonia is thoroughly enjoying the 12-month course, and with Judy’s support is both excelling in her studies, and looking for local jobs in aged care to support her whilst she studies, and then to progress once she finishes her studies.

Sonia is feeling optimistic about her future career and thanks Judy for her support in finding a new career path to follow. “Having people to believe in me has been so nice, helping me find my inner strength to go outside my comfort zone to trial a new industry,” Sonia said.

“It’s been so enjoyable watching Sonia find her next career calling and begin her studies, I have no doubt that Sonia will make a great carer, and any business would be lucky to have her,” Judy said. The future looks bright for Sonia, kicking off a new, rewarding career in aged care by studying, with the support of atWork Australia.

atWork Australia not only help job seekers to find good, meaningful work, we also support them to define their career goals, and to then reach them, whether that be via training, personal development and so on. We are there every step of the way, ensuring our job seekers reach their goals and find the right job with the right employer.

Let us help you reach your goals too. Call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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