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Three women stand together. Quote reads "South West Pacific Groups tailored approach has been successful with 24 Indigenous atWork Australia clients landing meaningful employment.

South West Pacific Group are working with atWork Australia to create opportunities for our first nations clients to find meaningful work.

atWork Australia’s Employer Engagement Consultant, Jess, understands the needs of South West Pacific Group including what they are looking for in their workforce.

“Jess takes the time to understand the needs of our business, our values and delivers a service to us which has proven to be an asset,” said Operations Manager, Matthew.

atWork Australia’s Job Coaches and Indigenous Connections Mentors, then work with our clients to prepare them for the roles available at South West Pacific Group.

“atWork Australia makes sure clients have all the foundations they need for achieving success. This includes having the right support behind them with our Indigenous Mentors before they are referred,” said Jess.

“We also make sure our clients have all the right personal protective equipment, and financially support them with upskilling and gaining the tickets they require before we refer them to South West Pacific Group.”

By ensuring we know both the clients and the employer well, the team can place the right candidates to the right role.

This customised approach means the candidates placed into employment have the right combination of skills and attitudes that South West Pacific Group are looking for.

So far, this tailored approach has been successful with 24 Indigenous atWork Australia clients landing meaningful employment.

atWork Australia then continues to support clients after they start work.

“We understand that circumstances and barriers may change or be an influence on someone’s life,” said Jess.

“Our established relationships with the clients mean they come to us for extra support to continue to thrive in their roles at South West Pacific Group.”

With atWork Australia preparing candidates early for upcoming roles, it saves South West Pacific Group time in the recruitment process and creates opportunities for atWork Australia clients to find work, supporting families and their communities.

Looking for great talent to join your workplace? atWork Australia’s Government funded employment service is here to help. Get in touch today to find out more 1300 080 856 or enquire online.

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