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Good News from atWork Australia

Staffing Solution Training is a local business in Far North Queensland, the company works closely with atWork Australia to assess, train, and provide employment experiences to people living with disability, injury or health condition.

These experiences allow clients to develop their resume capability and gain permanent employment across a range of industries, especially Hospitality and Housekeeping. Clients can upskill and participate in training which will prepare them for employment.

In 2021, a training course resulted in three atWork Australia clients graduating from a single course into employment. In 2022, another training course will commence where atWork Australia will be supporting Staffing Solution Training to graduate candidates who perform well. The opening of international borders will also bring opportunity.

Staffing Solution Training maintains a steady stream of candidates, willing and able to attend training courses so they can achieve their employment goals and thrive in their new roles.

This is another example of how atWork Australia works with employers and Staffing Solution Training to create inclusive workforces, encourage employment for people living with a disability, injury or health condition, enabling both employers and clients to thrive.

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