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Josh is happier than ever after landing an exciting new job at a hotel in the beachside community of Scarborough, WA.

Josh was having a tough time re-entering the job market and felt that his disability was a barrier to successfully finding employment. By the time he contacted atWork Australia in early 2018, he had been out of work for months and was struggling with the number of rejection letters.

He was matched with skilled Disability Employment Services Job Coach Nikita, from the Midland office, who would ultimately guide him through an eight-month journey back to employment and a healthy self-confidence.

Nikita knew there was a job out there for Josh, and this unwavering belief and understanding was vital in rebuilding his own faith in himself.

They regularly worked together to update his résumé and draft cover letters for job applications. Nikita would meet with Josh before an interview to help him prepare and would support him with any follow up. They also mapped out a comprehensive career plan to give Josh a clear path to follow.

After some months of working constructively with his Job Coach, Josh, who had previously worked as a receptionist, was rewarded with a full-time position as a hotel night auditor. This involves working at the front desk, serving the needs of overnight customers, and accounting for the day’s business.

Josh is still in training at the hotel but is very happy with his new job and the appealing prospect of further career opportunities.

He is full of praise for the guidance he has received from atWork Australia. “Nikita was patient, enthusiastic and very helpful. She never gave up on me,” he said.

“I felt like I could ask her anything, I’m so lucky to have had her in my corner.”

Nikita said it was clear Josh felt “on top of the world” and with this life-changing role, has a positive outlook for his future!

At atWork Australia, we pride ourselves on helping clients just like Josh to rediscover their confidence and find meaningful work. Let us help you too. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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