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18-year-old, David*, lives with an intellectual disability. He had recently finished high school when he started working with Disability Employment Services in Cooma, NSW.

David expressed to his Job Coach, Crystal, that he was eager to start work but required assistance, as he finds communication and understanding instructions challenging.

Living in a rural area, with limited public transport options, was also a consideration in David’s job search.

At first, David was quiet and relied heavily on input from his support worker when it came to expressing his goals for employment. He began to trust Crystal and she supported David to find work at the local supermarket.

“David was so excited to have gained work,” said Crystal. With the atWork Australia team by his side, along with his support worker, David started his role at the supermarket.

“His role is tidying and stocking shelves, as well as general cleaning. David has fit in marvelously and feedback from colleagues is that he is easy to get along with, helpful and does a wonderful job.”

atWork Australia supported David financially to purchase his uniform and he was partnered with an In-Work Support Coach.

“After a few shifts, David began to attend work without his support worker and would call me regularly to tell me about his time at work, ask questions, and request assistance with his work uniform,” said Crystal.

“David is progressing and has learnt a new task. He is also understanding and executing instructions to the expectations of his new employer. He feels that he is getting better with this all the time.”

David likes how he can call his Job Coach or In-Work Support Coach at any time, and they can assist him with whatever he needs. He feels supported and assisted.

“David’s confidence has grown significantly in the short time he has been at work. He loves earning his own money and having responsibilities. He is already talking about other employment options to better himself in the future.”

“I am so happy to go to work, do things and talk to people. It makes me happy, and I like money,” laughed David.

The team look forward to seeing what David can achieve.

*Name changed for privacy reasons


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