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Susanne is learning new skills and looking forward to living a better life now that she has work as a kitchen hand at a reputable social enterprise.

When Susanne entered atWork Australia’s South Melbourne office in September 2019, she had been unemployed for many years and was living with chronic depression. She had previously been in an unhealthy relationship that had sapped her strength and self-confidence.

Her atWork Australia Disability Employment Services Job Coach, Jarod, said Susanne was at a low point in her life when they met.

“She was apprehensive and didn’t think that employed was a word that fit into her vocabulary,” he said.

Jarod wasted no time in getting to know Susanne and her needs and goals. From there they worked on developing Susanne’s resume and interview skills and Jarod encouraged her to put herself out in the job market.

Jarod helped Susanne to connect with a social enterprise that provides free, restaurant quality meals to women in domestic violence shelters. Susanne was overjoyed on learning that she had been offered a full-time role as a kitchen hand with the social enterprise program, happily telling everyone she knew about her good news.

Jarod is hugely proud of Susanne and her efforts. “Susanne is a ray of sunshine who brightens up every room she walks into. I am so proud of her,” he said.

“Through our work together she has become a new person.”

As for Susanne, she is thankful for Jarod and atWork Australia. “Jarod helped me immensely. He built up my spirits and enabled me to believe in myself,” she said.

“I am very grateful to be given this opportunity and my life is now worth living… never give up on your dreams.”

atWork Australia work tirelessly to assist our clients in overcoming their barriers to finding meaningful and sustainable employment, just like Susanne has. Let us help you too. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online.

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