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Sussan came to atWork Australia having been unemployed for one and a half years. Living with depression and anxiety, Sussan experienced low self-esteem and didn’t believe she could find a job where she felt part of a team, where she was  accepted by her colleagues.

Sussan then met her Disability Employment Services Job Coach Katrina at atWork Australia’s Miller office. First and foremost, Katrina’s focus was helping Sussan improve her self-confidence, to be able to apply for and interview for jobs, but also to increase her self-worth and self-belief that she could do a job well, and be accepted by her team.

Katrina designed various strategies to help Sussan embrace this new way of thinking, and through one on one sessions, Sussan started to feel more confident in her ability, and in the positive presence she could bring to a workplace. This new focus and outlook increased Sussan’s motivation to look for work and reduced her anxiety about finding a job. It was then time to improve Sussan’s resumé and start to look for jobs together. Sussan has a background in customer service and hospitality so she had the perfect skill set to be put forward for a role with the local McDonald’s restaurant.

Sussan interviewed well and was offered the role as a Crew Member at McDonald’s, completing all the online training and recruitment processes with Katrina. “Sussan was very happy and excited to hear that she had been successful in being hired with McDonald’s. She was excited to gain new skills and experience and work on her personal growth and development,” Katrina said.

atWork Australia’s support didn’t stop there. As Sussan started her job, Katrina continued to support Sussan, being available to talk to Sussan whenever she needed to help her work through learning her job and managing her anxieties and fears about acceptance at work, and with her colleagues. Sussan continues to come in and meet with Katrina, to continue to build upon her confidence, and to work through any situations along the way. “We constantly work with Sussan on strategies to believe that she is good at what she does and is a valued employee at work,” Katrina said.

The feedback from Sussan’s manager is nothing short of positive, “Sussan has been a pleasure to work with. She has become a favourite to our regular customers and they adore her. She has a great presence within the restaurant and amongst our customers,” Sarah said. Such an incredible turnaround from the jobseeker who thought she wasn’t worthy of employment or being part of a team who value and appreciated her work.

Sussan is very grateful for her job at McDonald’s, and for the support from Katrina and the atWork Australia Miller team, whilst she worked on herself to become job-ready, and now whilst she continues to navigate employment, within a supportive and inclusive workplace. “I am so grateful to Katrina for all the work she has done in providing me with this opportunity. I feel as though I have grown as a person and gained new skills and motivation for life. I have a new-found sense of wellbeing,” Sussan said.

A win-win for all involved – Sussan, her employer, atWork Australia, and Sussan’s customers and colleagues. Stories like Sussan’s are worth celebrating. Here at atWork Australia, we support jobseekers to realise their value within society and find work that allows their self-belief and purpose to continue to grow and flourish – into employment and beyond. Let us help you – call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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