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Sap Impex Pty. Ltd. is a Sydney based Manufacturing Warehousing company who recycle used or discarded clothing to repurpose as industrial rags. They are also responsible for the selling of high-quality used clothes and shoes. They take pride in their good business ethics and will always advocate systems to enrich the community.

They connected with the atWork Australia team, who offered the pre-screening of potential candidates as well as wage subsidies to ensure that their business and any successful Disability Employment Service clients are appropriately supported.

They are first time users of Employment Services but since engaging with atWork Australia, they haven’t looked back. To date they have employed nearly a dozen atWork Australia clients and, as a result of the support that clients are given, morale is high and there’s a noticeable dedication to the work.

Employer Bhavik said, “We believe that this dedication of our employees has helped us to maintain the high-quality standards that we have set for ourselves.” Overall, Sap Impex Pty. Ltd. has been very happy with the service and support that they have received from atWork Australia. Bhavik continued, “It has been a pleasure working with the team at atWork Australia. They have been very responsive and understanding.”

The management team from Sap Impex Pty. Ltd. continuously provide atWork Australia with vacancies as they come about.

They have demonstrated that they embrace diversity and inclusion and, with the aid of atWork Australia, they have a sound strategy in place to continue this.

Employer Bhavik expressed her satisfaction with atWork Australia through the following statement, “I, Bhavik, would like to take this chance to appreciate Nabeel (Employer Engagement Consultant) and the atWork Australia team for their great work and I thank them for their professionalism.”

Looking for great talent to join your workplace? atWork Australia’s Government funded employment service is here to help. Get in touch today to find out more 1300 080 856 or enquire online.

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