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eeing that paycheck was great, but seriously it was fulfilling and an important step forward. It's nice to be doing something with life. Disability Employment Services, WA.

Tailored support, professional advice, and a friendly face was the perfect combination Disability Employment Services client, Cody, needed to re-enter the workforce after two years.

After completing a Bachelor of Psychology, Cody was faced with the hurdles of transitioning to the workforce. Cody felt like they were faced with constant rejection and was disheartened by not being able to transition straight into work from study. To assist on the journey, they worked with Job Coach, Natalie.

Within their first appointment together, Natalie got to know them, their past, skills and what they are looking for in future employment. Cody lives with ADHD and Dyslexia, so finding employment that catered to this is essential to them.

In coming appointments, the pair worked on job searching and building Cody’s self confidence in their abilities to perform both within an interview setting and in the workforce.

Natalie also enrolled them within our Allied Health and Postivium programs to further address their mental health.

“Natalie helped me through the rejection and helped me get through each day,” Cody mentioned.

Natalie states, “Cody was always progressing. They were always consistent and put effort in, no matter what.”

Their consistency and hard work paid off quickly, when they were offered position as a Disability Support Worker, after a successful interview with the employer.

In this next phase of his journey, atWork Australia were able to financially support Cody in purchasing all the tickets they needed to begin work.

When reflecting on Cody’s time with atWork Australia, Natalie said “It was amazing to see how much Cody’s confidence grew every time there was a positive outcome on the journey. The smile and excitement with both shared when they had gotten the job was extremely special.”

“Seeing that paycheck was great, but seriously it was fulfilling and an important step forward. It’s nice to be doing something with life.” – Cody, atWork Australia client.

Every year, atWork Australia help thousands of clients like Cody, expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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