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Good news from atWork Australia.

Workforce Australia client Tamara* nervously entered the atWork Australia office in Cronulla, NSW, in May 2023, reluctant to share her story and her barriers with her Job Coach, Maria.

After several years out of the workforce whilst living in insecure housing, Tamara was ready to enter the workforce but questioned her skills and abilities to do so. She also showed some hesitancy and anxiety about returning to work. However, after discussing the benefits of work and the support we can provide with Maria, she was no longer hesitant.

Tamara opened up, allowing Maria to provide a tailored plan to best support her on her journey to employment, with one of the main focuses being securing safe housing.

As part of this journey, Maria recommended the Powered by Positivum course specialising in Customer Service to her as she had expressed interesting within. This course would assist in building her foundation skills in preparation to engage into the workforce once again. She was interest in attending, so Maria enrolled her while also giving her the details and overview of what to expect.

Within this course, she shared with the group that she feels as though she does not have effective job searching skills. She also expressed that she is anxious about the interview process and is not confident with interview questions.

Alongside the course facilitator, Tamara identified personal values, goals and skills and how they can be transferable into her future work.

Goals were set, alongside steppingstones to assist her with achieving said goals, in turn positively effecting her mental health.

After the completion of the Powered by Positivum program, Tamara has stated that she is now more confident to seek positions, thanks to the Cronulla team. She aims to re-enter the Customer Service industry and is looking forward to it.

“The choices we make today create the future that we are dreaming of.” – Tamara, atWork Australia client.

*Name changed for privacy.

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