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Client Teena and Job Coach, Kylie. Quote from Teena. "I am so grateful for the support from my Job Coach and the awesome team at Edgeworth."

Before coming to atWork Australia, Teena had long-term, secure employment. Unfortunately, Teena suffered a back injury and could no longer carry out the duties of her job. Teena came to the realisation that she would need to change industries. Teena was motivated for a change, but feared her skills and experience were limited due to being in the one industry for such a long time. Teena was finding it difficult to secure a new position, she felt she was constantly being overlooked due to her back injury and limited experience.

Teena reached out to atWork Australia to get tailored support from their Disability Employment Services team in Edgeworth, NSW. Teena’s back injury was her primary barrier to employment. However, this period of unemployment is impacting her confidence and is increasing her level of anxiety when going through the interview process.

When Teena met her Job Coach, Kylie, she stated that she was feeling defeated. Teena had a negative experience with a previous provider, which affected her confidence in her own ability to find work. Kylie reassured her that atWork Australia was here to support her on her employment journey. Teena left her initial appointment feeling supported, listen to and had newfound hope in what atWork Australia could help her accomplish.

Kylie began assisting Teena to complete job searches; completing online applications, practicing interview skills and approaching employers on Teena’s behalf. Kylie connected Teena with a local organisation where she could get new clothes for interviews and for when she secures a new job. To improve her chances of finding employment, Teena completed a course to gain new skills and increase her employability. Teena’s determination and commitment to self-improvement has paid off, she has now secured a new position as a Customer Service Agent.

Teena’s Job Coach, Kylie, said, “I am glad I was able to support Teena so she did not have to face challenges alone, and when she did have to go it alone, she was well prepared.”

Teena said, “It means a lot to get so much support from the team. It has helped me rebuild my confidence.”

“I am so grateful for the support from my Job Coach and the awesome team at Edgeworth,” said Teena.

Every year, atWork Australia help thousands of clients like Teena, expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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