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Good news from atWork Australia.

An atWork Australia client has done an outstanding job to build their confidence and preparing themselves for their employment journey. When the client first came to atWork Australia’s Workforce Australia, Sydney East Metro office, she was lacking confidence due to an extended period of unemployment and managing multiple health concerns.

atWork Australia Job Coach, Lek, immediately began supporting her client and wanted to help rebuild her confidence before they considered looking for employment. Lek did not want to rush the process, she wanted to support her client to build a strong foundation, so that when they found employment, it would last and be a positive experience for her client.

Lek referred her client to atWork Australia’s internal program, Jobs for the Mob. Jobs for the Mob is designed to enhance progression towards home, education, and work goals for Indigenous clients. This program will cover topics such as, goal setting, resume writing and financial planning. Additionally, the program has a strong focus on identifying personal values; this information can be useful in career planning to identify suitable career pathways. atWork Australia’s client became very engaged in the program and she was gradually building her confidence, she was reaping the rewards for her hard work and began supporting other participants in the program.

Job Coach, Lek, continued supporting her client, helping her develop her job searching skills, as well as learning how to filter the search process to find vacancies that match her skills.  Additionally, the pair focused on how to tailor a resume to match job advertisements. Furthermore, Lek conducted mock interviews with her client, helping her to develop strong responses to behavioral questions.

Lek could not be more proud of her client. She has developed a solid foundation of skills that have prepared her to take on the employment journey. Lek said, “It has been great to see her confidence growing, she has a much more positive mind set and view of the world.”

“The best time for new beginnings is now,” said  atWork Australia Client.

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