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Prior to meeting atWork Australia, Ainslie was often successful in getting jobs… it was keeping them that was the challenge, due to her disability.

Then Ainslie met Zoe, an atWork Australia Job Coach at our North Ryde office. Together Zoe and Ainslie developed a plan to find a role that would bring more structure and process to Ainslie’s working day, to enable Ainslie to gain sustainable work. Ainslie’s passion for looking after children meant that the idea of childcare work really appealed to her.

Zoe put Ainslie forward for a role at a local childcare centre and arranged her job interview, but Ainslie requested to go alone. “She did so well and was offered the job. I was incredibly proud of her, that she was so determined to interview alone, and of course that she got the job,” Zoe said.

Ainslie is currently completing her Certificate Three in Childcare Studies, to complement her work and increase her skill set. Zoe also assists Ainslie with her studies, supporting her with her literacy and just being there as a friendly voice to bounce ideas off. “Zoe has been there for me throughout everything, including supporting me emotionally in the workplace,” Ainslie said.

Zoe also enjoys getting to visit Ainslie at work and see her in her happy place, caring for children. Zoe keeps communication open between Ainslie, her employers and her family, all to maintain the structure Ainslie requires to continue to thrive in her work.

“Ainslie has maintained sustainable employment, and with more structure and building understanding of her disability with her team mates, Ainslie has settled into her work.

The future only looks bright. She is very passionate about children and is an awesome educator,” Zoe said.

Ainslie is thriving in her role, positively influencing many other aspects of her life too. “When I work with children I feel so good, happy and very helpful. I can see that I make the children happy and they learn so much from me. atWork Australia has been so great with finding me work, and really have been so supportive in everything.”

atWork Australia work tirelessly to ensure all our jobseekers arrive in work that supports them to be as happy as Ainslie is.

Let us help you find meaningful and sustainable work too, call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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