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Tomeika lives with osteoarthritis and mental health conditions. She has been unemployed for seven years and was looking for a job.

Tomeika reached out to atWork Australia in Shepparton, where she met Job Coach Brad. Brad discussed the Positivum program with Tomeika and explained the benefits such as positive thinking, strategies, pain management and positive thoughts for future employment.

Tomeika worked through the Positivum program. She says: “The program has taught me about patience, strategies and coping mechanisms, such as not giving up.”

Tomeika successfully completed the Positivum program with Job Coach Brad’s assistance.

Brad says: “When I first met Tomeika, she was not able to leave her house without her support worker. Now, she is able to do things herself. She feels that Positivum has given her more positive thoughts and made her calmer. She now does not experience anxiety when it comes to leaving her house by herself.

Tomeika feels proud after finishing the Positivum program and believes that she has better coping strategies for her mental health. She can build positive thoughts and is focusing on upskilling with a course in Information Technology. She would like to follow her passion for computers and helping people.

Tomeika says: “Job Coach Brad has been supportive and understanding of what I was going through. It is awesome that Brad suggested Positivum to help me, and I am glad that I completed it.”

Brad says: “Tomeika is more driven to want to succeed since completing the Positivum Program. She has come a long way in a short amount of time, and it has been great to see her more positive now. Her confidence is growing to pursue her dreams and overcome things in her life that were holding her back.”

Tomeika adds: “I was tackling life one step at a time. I am looking forward to the future and am following my passions. I am looking forward to completing an IT course and starting a career.

Every year, atWork Australia helps thousands of clients like Tomeika expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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