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Leon said, "I have the potential to achieve what I want."

Before Leon* came to atWork Australia, he had been working in hospitality and labouring positions. Leon advised that he was also experiencing housing instability. When Leon connected with the Workforce Australia team in Penrith, NSW, he learnt a very powerful and important lesson: the power of self-belief and believing in your own abilities.

At the early stage of Leon’s journey with atWork Australia, he was encouraged to participate in the Jobs for the Mob program. Over a jam-packed four days, Leon worked with his Indigenous Connections Mentor in one-on-one and group sessions.

During these sessions, Leon focussed on building his confidence, developing his interview skills, and his Indigenous Connections Mentor encouraged him to set goals outside of his comfort zone. Leon’s Indigenous Connections Mentor had in-depth conversations with him to learn more about the jobs he thought would be suitable and identify what was holding him back. Leon advised that he was an aspiring artist and he would ideally love to find employment to align with his passion.

The Indigenous Connections Mentor began contacting signwriting organisations on Leon’s behalf and was successful in securing Leon an interview. The pair attended the interview together and Leon was successful in securing the position as an Apprentice Signwriter.

Leon was shocked! He could not believe that he landed a job in-line with his passion. The week before he found out that he had been approved and secured stable housing. Leon could not believe the good things that were starting to happen. His Indigenous Connections Mentor reminded Leon about the power of self-belief and how it can create new opportunities. All he had to do was believe and persevere through any setbacks.

Leon has been 100% committed to progressing on his journey towards employment. He has been open to all feedback; taking it on board and started to develop a more positive outlook. Leon said, “I felt in Jobs for the Mob that I was not judged, I felt relaxed, and I could just be me. Since working with atWork Australia, they have challenged me to think about what I want in life and what I could do to get there.”

“I have the potential to achieve what I want, ”said Leon.

*the clients name has been changed for privacy

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