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Zack, our Disability Services Employment Job Coach at the Mirrabooka office, met 53-year-old Ahmed, who had recently arrived in Perth. Ahmed originated from Sudan and was a mechanic with over 30 years’ experience in the Automotive Industry, although with limited English. He was suffering from anxiety and depression and was under financial pressure.

At first, Ahmed was feeling frustrated with his situation and unwilling to look at any other career alternatives apart from that of a mechanic. He admits he did not understand the process and was doubtful of Zack and his role in helping Ahmed find work.

“When Ahmed attended his initial appointment, I really took the time with him to gain his trust and explain what was required. I also explained how important it was that we worked together to achieve a good outcome,” said Zack.

Upon locating a suitable mechanic role, Zack spoke with the potential employer, Kingsley Auto Care and set up an interview that afternoon. He then coached Ahmed on what to wear, how to present himself in the interview and how important it was to go in with a positive attitude.

Ahmed was offered the job and started the following week. Zack provided him with travel vouchers and clothing allowances. He also negotiated with the employer to allow Ahmed to salary sacrifice to enable the purchase of new tools, and atWork Australia was able to contribute additional funds for the tools.

As English was required for the position, Zack arranged for Ahmed to attend an English night course at TAFE, as well as interpret for him when required.

Since he commenced his employment 6 months ago, Ahmed’s outlook and overall mental health has markedly improved, as has his financial situation. The employer is so happy with Ahmed that he left him in charge for two weeks when he was on annual leave, showing how well Ahmed is doing at work already.

“Ahmed is a very knowledgeable and competent employee and it is a real pleasure to have him work for our business and part of our team,” said David Armstrong, owner of Kingsley Auto Care.

Zack has subsequently kept in touch with Ahmed and assisted him to prepare a successful application to build a house. “I am very proud of Ahmed and all of his achievements, it’s great to see that the right person secured the right job, it’s a perfect match between both parties,” said Zack.

Ahmed confidently has a new outlook on the future. “This job has changed my life!”

We’ve helped Ahmed to change his life by finding meaningful work, and we would love to help you too. Call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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