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atWork Australia client John is a long-time resident of the Ipswich area who relocated to Lamb Island, which is off the coast of Queensland’s Redland Bay.

In the small island community, with only ferry services connecting residents to the mainland or to neighbouring islands, transportation has been a significant barrier to gaining sustainable employment. Due to this scarcity of employment in the area, John developed mental health concerns.

Not willing to let inertia get the better of him, John sought disability employment assistance, working closely with his atWork Australia Redland Bay Job Coach Alex to gain support in acquiring the appropriate job for his age and ailment. Alex referred him to vacancies and negotiated employment conditions to potential employers on his behalf.

As the area is largely known for its tourism, Job Coach Alex suggested that a position as a Driver would be a good avenue to pursue. The low physical impact of the role would also make it more sustainable.

However, John was not qualified to be a Driver. Therefore, Alex assisted John in gaining his Bus Driver’s Licence as well as a medical clearance check and work-related clothing such as shoes and work garments. This was just as well because, the only work clothes that John had at the time were worn and would not have passed the stringent regulations set by Queensland’s Drivers Authority.

John was now work-ready, and it wasn’t long after the he was given the good news about his successful job interview. However, like with many, COVID-19 would place his organisation into a vulnerable position until, eventually, they were forced to cease operation.

There were a few weeks where employment was at a stand-still until, the bus service had a change of ownership and after John’s Job Coach was made aware of this, they were able to negotiate employment under the new management system.

John said that he was happy to have been kept in the loop throughout the employment negotiation process. What’s more, he has expressed a fulfilment in that, the bus company is now more active with the community, so John can be working all the while, assisting the region’s locals with the company’s rejuvenation.

John is still enjoying his time as a Bus Driver for the company and has expressed that he is very happy with the negotiations, which led to the success of his employment.

John has also spoken fondly about the assistance that he received and still receives from his atWork Australia Job Coaches.  John feels very lucky to be working in a role where, each day, before he starts, he can look forward to commencing work because, he is actively supporting the community of his bucolic marine park.

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