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Despite being qualified to work in both Aged Care and Children’s Services, Tiziana had to cease employment in 2011 due to mental health issues.

Tiziana lives with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and borderline personality disorder, which often causes mood fluctuation and insomnia. On top of this, long term unemployment meant that Tiziana also had to deal with financial stress.

“When I first met Tiziana in July 2018, she seemed withdrawn, frustrated and had low confidence due to no success despite multiple job applications,” says Carine, her Disability Employment Services Job Coach from the Liverpool office in NSW.

Acknowledging how frustrating job seeking can be, Carine encouraged Tiziana to let go of the past and approach job seeking in a different way. While initially sceptical, Tiziana worked with Carine to identify her employment goals and update her resume to reflect these.

Together they looked for employment locally within the retail, kitchen hand or cleaning industries. Within a month, Tiziana had been scheduled in for her first job interview in over seven years.
With a few interview tips from Carine, Tiziana successfully secured the role of cleaner, with the Cloverdale Group.

The company are thrilled to have Tiziana on board saying they wished they had more employees like her. “Tiziana is a very thorough and her calibre of work is always completed at a very high level,” says Jason Knevett, Cloverdale Group.

“She has great attention to detail and completed the job with 100% effort. We continue to receive regular feedback.”

Job Coach Carine says she’s not surprised with the feedback. “Whatever Tiziana does, she gives it her best, even when she is not feeling her best.”

Tiziana encourages other job seekers not to give up on finding work and that with self-determination and the right support in place, goals are achievable.

“I am forever grateful to my Job Coach Carine, as I was close on giving up,” says Tiziana. “She genuinely cares, and I never would have gotten this job without her help.”

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