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With atWork Australia’s support, Tommy is delighted to have landed his first paid job at The Fraternity Club, Wollongong. It’s his first step into his dream industry and what he hopes will be a long-term, rewarding career.

Tommy, who has a learning disability and needs support with some social skills, came to atWork Australia’s Wollongong branch for support moving from work experience into full time employment.

Tommy was matched with skilled Job Coach Christine, who worked with him on building his confidence and preparing him to be a valued employee in the workplace.

Christine’s support and coaching has enabled Tommy to slot in quickly with The Fraternity Club and put his ever-developing skill set into good use.

“Tommy is a pleasure to work with. He always does the best he can, making sure his employer is satisfied with his work. And he has a great smile” says Christine.

Following his placement, our Disability Employment Services Post Placement Support Consultant Amie works closely with Tommy to ensure a smooth transition and offers encouragement where it’s needed.

The staff at The Fraternity Club have also been amazing and have encouraged Tommy to become a part of ‘The Frat family’.

Head Chef Mauri Villella enjoys having Tommy as part of the team, saying, “Tommy certainly works very hard and is a likeable character. And he is the best at crumbing fish!”

For Tommy, being part of a team and contributing in the workplace has given him a huge confidence boost.

His enthusiasm for his job is evident, saying “I’m enjoying every minute of my work!”

atWork Australia believes there is a job out there for everyone. We look forward to helping many more job seekers like Tommy find work that is right for them, let us help you next. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online.

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