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Hayley has taken a leap forward in her life by undertaking formal training for the first time since she left high school at the age of 15.

When Hayley, 41, first entered the Ballina office of atWork Australia last year, she knew she had a challenge ahead of her. Suffering from both physical and cognitive conditions, Hayley had trouble concentrating and learning new skills.

She had knee and shoulder injuries that meant she found physical tasks challenging. Her learning difficulties also meant she had never had a paid job.

Given these obstacles, her local Job Coach, Bronwyn said Hayley was “at a loss to know how to move forward with her life”.

“It took some time for us to develop a relationship where she felt confident to give new things a try,” she said.

Bronwyn began helping Hayley by spending time on goal setting and working towards building her confidence and motivation. She also directed Hayley to appropriate healthcare outlets to help manage her conditions.

While they identified employers in the local area that Hayley would want to work with, they quickly realised that her lack of qualifications and experience were holding her back. She needed to undertake some training.

Bronwyn encouraged Hayley to sign up for a Certificate III in Retail, reassuring her that she and atWork Australia would be there to support her during her studies. Hayley agreed, and is now completing an online course. The course includes a work placement component so that students can become job ready as they learn.

Now halfway through, Hayley has a sense of confidence that she can learn new skills, and her self-esteem is improving. She even texts Bronwyn regularly about how much she’s enjoying the course.

Bronwyn said the compulsory work placement would be a great way for Hayley to demonstrate to employers her strengths and abilities.

“I appreciate how much Hayley went out on a limb to give the course a go,” she said.

“I’m overjoyed that she’s doing so well and getting a huge amount of reward from her efforts.”

Hayley, too, appreciates the support she’s received from atWork Australia.

“It feels great to be doing a course that gives me more opportunities for getting a job,” she said.

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