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Trevor, from Phillip Island on the Victorian southern coast, had plenty of work experience and in a variety of industries. But living in a small tourist town means jobs can be few and far between.

Growing up in Cowes, the main town of Phillip Island, Trevor knew only too well that work availability was seasonal and mainly in summer. He also lives with a spinal condition and has been unemployed since 2012.

Trevor had been working hard at presenting himself for employment opportunities but had been unsuccessful in securing any roles.

Trevor decided to approach the Cowes office of atWork Australia for assistance, and was immediately introduced to dedicated Job Coach, Rebecca.

They met several times and Rebecca began to gain a good understanding of where Trevor wanted his career to head.

After working with Trevor on his confidence, Rebecca learned that warehousing was an industry that he was very interested in but he needed formal training. This was instantly seen as a great opportunity for Trevor to upskill and obtain a recognised qualification.

Rebecca discussed the idea with Trevor ensuring he knew he would be supported through the entirety of the course.

Trevor began to see study as a great opportunity for him to break into the industry, so Rebecca recommended an Alffie course. Trevor discovered he could complete the course online and in the atWork Australia office where he would have constant support.

Trevor jumped at the chance to upskill and train in his desired career and is now well on his way to completing the course and finding meaningful work.

Rebecca says, “Trevor is finding his studies quick and easy. He is positive and excited to up-skill and is enjoying completing his weekly modules.”

Rebecca will continue to support Trevor throughout his studies, and once he is qualified, she will help him in finding good work.

Trevor is so happy to be working towards his goal and taking important steps to employment and success.

“Becky is easy to work with and I can go to her with any issue,” Trevor says, “and my studies are easy and simple to follow, that’s what I like about it.”

Education can be an important part of finding good work and we stay beside you as you meet your training and employment goals. Start today, contact atWork Australia on 1300 080 856 and take the first steps toward meeting your goals.

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