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It was a pleasure working with Troy. He's quite admirable. Despite the challenges he has been through, he always chooses to be positive and motivated. Troy, Workforce Australia Client, WA.

In 2023, after six years out of the workforce, Indigenous client, Troy (51), entered the atWork Australia office in Mirrabooka, WA, looking for assistance for the second time.

When entering the office, he was met by Workforce Australia Job Coach, Johanna. However, this was not the first time the pair have met, from 2018 to 2022, Troy was also a client of Johanna’s.

In this first appointment back together, the pair caught up. They re-discussed his extensive background in labouring as well as touching on his barriers, grief, partial hearing loss and a head injury. In addition, they spoke about employment and how he has progressed since they last spoke.

Troy highlighted that his barriers have remained the same, but his optimism and desire to enter the workforce was still there. So, the pair got straight to work on an updated Job Plan that was tailored to his current situation.

Throughout his journey, Troy has always remained positive and focused on the things he can control – his health, diet and physical fitness, all with the goal to return to the workforce.

Troy was interested in any work that catered to his skills and needs, whilst being accessible by public transport. whilst also being close to home due to not having his licence. He mentioned that his ultimate goal was starting his own business doing fitness training catered to Indigenous Youth.

Johanna enrolled Troy in our Jobs for the Mob program to assist Troy in the transition into the workforce. Not only did this course prepare Troy him for the workforce but it also increased his motivation.

Within Johanna’s searches for suitable positions for Troy, and liaising with the Employment Engagement Consultant, Jennine Holmes, an opening for a Gardening Assistant was identified to be the perfect position for him. After a discussion with him, he loved the role and wished to apply. He was ecstatic.

With his first day looming, Johanna contacted Troy, “When I rang him two days prior to his start date to organise his PPE, he was lost for words” said Johanna.

Troy remains in this position and loves his job.

“It was a pleasure working with Troy. He’s quite admirable. Despite the challenges he has been through, he always chooses to be positive and motivated. He values his health and fitness–this is his passion and something he wants to work towards in the future.” – Johanna, Job Coach.

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