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Annabelle said, "The atWork Australia team have always been there when we've needed them."

TSA Group have only recently began working with atWork Australia. Since the partnership began, it has taken off like a wildfire.

Earlier in 2023, TSA Group won a large contract with Services Australia’s call center operations, and in a short period of time, they were required to on-board and commence 500 new team members.

To speed up the recruitment process and fulfil their contractual obligations, TSA Group approached atWork Australia for support to access a broader talent pool of candidates.

To ensure the process was smooth and efficient for atWork Australia clients to apply for vacancies, TSA Group created a specific atWork Australia application link, and allocated a recruiter to work directly with atWork Australia clients throughout the recruitment and on-boarding phase.

Due to the success of the partnership on the Services Australia contract, TSA Group have opened the door for atWork Australia clients to be recruited for their other contracts including a variety of positions with Telstra, Voyager Indigenous Tourism, and Alinta Energy.

From a partnership that originated in Western Australia, atWork Australia is now providing candidates for vacancies across Australia.

Over the past six months, TSA Group have employed 58 atWork Australia clients. This is an outstanding achievement, which has provided people living with disability, injury, illness, or those who need additional support, an opportunity to gain life-changing employment. TSA Group Talent Partner, Annabelle, said, “with atWork Australia’s assistance we have been able to onboard a significant number of diverse, eager and talented team members.”

Annabelle continued to outline one of the key benefits from working with atWork Australia is being able to access a broader range of talent and connecting with candidates who may have been missed through the typical recruitment channels. “It’s been amazing to give these opportunities to people and watch them grow over the last few months,” said Annabelle.

atWork Australia looks forward to sharing the stories of the lives that have been changed due to this partnership.

“The atWork Australia team have always been there when we’ve needed them,” said Annabelle, TSA Group Talent Partner.


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