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Tyler is a pleasant and proactive individual and we are excited to provide an opportunity for someone who wants it. James, Employer Partner, WA.

Disability Employment Services Client, Tyler, achieves his goal of entering the trade industry thanks to the support from Job Coach, Chellsea and the atWork Australia team in Hamilton Hill, WA.

When Tyler entered the office in WA, he had recently completed school and was studying a Certificate III in Process Manufacturing, all with the goal of breaking into the trade industry. He knew exactly what he wanted and what it took to get there, he was just seeking support on finding a perfect employer for him, one that would cater to his barriers.

From the moment Chellsea met Tyler, she could see his passion and determination to break into the industry and was looking forward to their journey together. Within his initial appointment, Tyler discussed his full employment plan.

This included gaining his forklift licence; with the ultimate goal of gaining his HR licence. Chellsea outlined this was something that we would be able to assist him with, and he was ecstatic.

Within his previous ventures with employers, the common barrier Tyler was finding, was that employers were not willing to give someone without trade experience a chance and/or were not open to letting him learn the role at his own pace. This only gave Chellsea more motivation to find Tyler’s perfect employer.

Within the fortnightly appointments, Tyler, Chellsea, and Tyler’s 3rd party support, met together to work a variety of skills and courses to ensure that he was ready to take the next step. This included Chellsea booking Tyler in for HR driving lessons.

At this same time, Chellsea worked on sourcing employers with openings that Tyler would enjoy. Once a suitable employer was found, Chellsea worked on locking in an interview.

To ensure that Tyler felt comfortable and supported, Chellsea would attend Tyler’s job interviews with him to speak on his behalf when he did not feel comfortable to do so.

After a successful interview, Tyler was overjoyed to find out that he was successful in obtaining a trade assistant position. After several weeks in this position, the Hamilton Hill staff have noticed a difference in Tyler’s confidence and happiness. This has also been noticed by his employer.

“Tyler is a pleasant and proactive individual and we are excited to provide an opportunity for someone who wants it.”

In-Work Support Coach, Rebekah and Chellsea continue to visit Tyler at work, and enjoy seeing his progress. This time also allows Tyler to voice any concerns he may have as well as ask for any additional support.

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