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Victorian resident, 37-year old Luke, has recently moved back from Werribee to Shepparton to live closer to his 10-year old daughter. He lives with anxiety, depression, PTSD and ADHD.

In the last three years, Luke held three different positions – from fencing assistant labourer to tyre fitter and laundry worker but never stayed longer than a month due to his mental health condition impacting his ability to sustain work.

Due to his limited employment history and his low confidence, Luke reached out to atWork Australia’s Shepparton office and met his Job Coach, Brad. Luke struggled to find work in the past due to preferring to work in an environment with limited contact with people. He had very little confidence and thought that there was no suitable job out there for him. Luke needed a Job Coach who was able to believe in him and push him out of his comfort zone, and he found exactly that in Brad.

Brad assisted Luke with updating his resume and driving him around the community to meet employers, due to not having a driver’s licence himself. This helped to build Luke’s confidence as he could see that the Job Coach believed in him and wanted to put him forward for positions.

After just two months of job search, Luke was offered a role as a laundry assistant. The employer chose him due to his experience in the laundry industry, his mechanical aptitude and previous employment in maintenance roles.

At first, Luke was anxious about returning to work as he was concerned about failing in his new position or letting his new employer down.

 Once he started at his new job, Luke found that the place was an enjoyable place to work and not as bad as the anxiety was making it in his mind.

In his role of a laundry assistant, he presses and irons linen with large machines, e.g. hospital linen. His employer was so satisfied with Luke’s work that he was promoted to a new site, and his manager hopes that his energy rubs off on his co-workers. At the Mooroopna site he is now cleaning overalls and uniforms from the navy, bakeries, butchers, chefs, police and fireman.

Luke is grateful for the help he has received from his Job Coach who was able to relate to him, motivate him and rebuild his confidence through empathy.

Luke said: “I am now able to save money and get my own place and independence. I am working on building a closer relationship with my family, and be someone my daughter can look up to and be proud of.”

“It has been an enjoyable experience working with Luke and watching him gain employment in such a short time. It is great to see the positive change in Luke thanks to suitable employment,” says Brad.

Thousands of people with a disability, injury or mental health condition have found meaningful work through atWork Australia. To see how we can help you or someone you know find meaningful work, call 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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