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Sometimes it can take a conversation to work out why we’re feeling down, and this was exactly the case with Vicky.

From Riverwood in Sydney, Vicky had experienced depression for some time before she was put in touch with her local atWork Australia office.

When her Job Coach, Fareena sat down with Vicky to get to know her and discuss a job plan, it was clear from their discussion that the feelings of sadness and loss of interest had to do with her unhappiness with the jobs she’d held in the past.

She’d worked as a kitchen hand and shop assistant but found these jobs unfulfilling and had other skills and qualifications that could feature in a more rewarding career, like computer and language skills.

Fareena says Vicky needed support to craft an effective résumé and market herself to employers.

“She needed help with the employment search process so that we could highlight her skills for maximum impact,” Fareena explains.

Together they set to work updating Vicky’s résumé, adding job specific keywords and avoiding common mistakes like flowery language and vague objectives.

They also practiced effective interview techniques, such as doing your research beforehand, dressing professionally, projecting enthusiasm and giving specific examples that offer proof you actually have the skills you say you have.

Fareena thought Vicky could find her calling as a trainer or tutor, with a registered training organisation, where she could put her computer knowledge and language skills to use by helping other people from the same cultural background.

Only weeks later, Vicky successfully applied for a tutor position with Smart Kangaroo Education, where she is now thriving seven months later.

“The first batch of Vicky’s students graduated one month ago – she’s worked diligently with them in every possible way,” Fareena says.

Vicky was overjoyed, knowing she’d made her family proud.

“I felt that Fareena was genuinely interested in my wellbeing,” she says.

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