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Timon came to atWork Australia’s Sydney West, NSW, office to get tailored support from the Workforce Australia team, to assist in his return to the workplace. Due to various personal barriers Timon has been dealing with, he has spent the past four years unemployed. This period of unemployment has had a significant impact on his confidence; Timon was experiencing low self-esteem, low motivation, and severe stress.

When Timon met his Job Coach, Julie, they discussed his mandatory obligations and how Timon could meet his requirements. As Timon had spent an extended period of time out of the workplace, Timon thought that completing a course or participating in a Work for the Dole activity would be a good way to boost his confidence and progress towards employment.

As part of the Work for the Dole requirements, Timon secured a position as a Retail Assistant at the Cancer Store in Katoomba, where he worked for fifteen hours per week for eight weeks. Timon thoroughly enjoyed his time working at the Cancer Store and has expressed his desire to learn and gain more experience in the retail industry. This activity has helped to boost Timon’s confidence, positivity, and given him a structured routine, which he found valuable and believes it will assist him to find employment in the future.

Timon has really enjoyed his experience at the Cancer Store and would always look forward to his working days. Timon attributed his positive experience at the Cancer Store to the friendly and supportive manager and colleagues who created a welcoming environment. Timon said, “On my first day the manager provided me with training, which helped me to get a good grasp on what was required; there was always someone happy to assist.”

At the end of Timon’s eight weeks at the Cancer Store, he decided to volunteer his time and continued working at the Cancer Store one day a week. The store manager has expressed her satisfaction with Timon’s performance and believes he will be a great asset to the store. Timon continued, “this has provided me with opportunities and experiences that will be beneficial as I search for warehousing roles in the future.”

Timon has developed valuable skills and experience from his time at the Cancer Store and is looking forward to putting his skills to use in paid employment.

“I have enjoyed my time at the Cancer Store, the experience will be beneficial as I continue searching for paid employment,” said Timon, atWork Australia Client

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