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Good news from atWork Australia.

Workforce Australia client, Scott*, started working with atWork Australia in Invermay, Tasmania.

At 21-years-old, he hadn’t held paid work but was very motivated to gain employment. He had recently completed a Certificate II in Construction and was interested in an apprenticeship.

Scott applied for work for several months with no luck and was feeling disheartened and disengaged.

Job Coach, Nicole, built rapport with Scott and he began to open up about his recent relationship breakdown, homelessness and depression.

Nicole referred Scott to atWork Australia’s Wellness Services for support with his mental health.

Meanwhile, Nicole focused on Scott’s confidence and motivation for work. She suggested a Work for the Dole program at the local Just Cats, an organisation supporting cats to find ‘furever’ homes.

Scott excelled during this experience and received excellent feedback from the host organisation.

This boosted his confidence, and he once again became more motivated to find work.

After this experience, he was also open to further opportunities, not just in the limited scope of construction as he had initially thought.

With the support of atWork Australia, Scott was successful in landing an opportunity at a local Aged Care Facility as a Food Services Assistant.

The team look forward to supporting Scott through In-Work support.

*Name changed for privacy

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