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Workers in inclusive teams are 10 times more likely to be very satisfied and five times less likely to experience discrimination and/or harassment, according to a recent Inclusion@Work Index by Diversity Council Australia.

There are many other benefits a diverse and inclusive workforce can provide to both the employer and the employee, including improved mental health and better customer service, which are reflected in first-hand experiences from people who have engaged with atWork Australia to find roles in the retail sector.

Inspirations Paint

Brendan who lives with bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression, had been unemployed for several years. He was finding it difficult to find the motivation to look for work especially due to an experience in his previous position.

“After researching different Disability Employment Service providers, I found atWork Australia and thought it looked impressive online so after years of counselling and time to recover I decided to try atWork Australia and get back into the workforce,” Brendan says.

When Brendan reached out to atWork Australia in Coffs Harbour NSW, he was connected with job coach, Rani who secured an interview with Inspirations Paint Coffs Harbour and Brendan was successful in securing the role.

“Rani got me an interview with Inspirations Paint Coffs Harbour which was something I was interested in, and I got the job. I have been working there for just over a month and have been loving every minute of it. I have my motivation back and my self-esteem has improved. I feel a part of a great team in my new job,” Brendan says.

“Thank you to Rani and everyone from atWork Australia who were involved in helping me re-enter the workforce and finding me the perfect job. I hope I can inspire others to try and find their way back into the workforce and feel as good and as confident as I do now.”


Jacqueline, aged 53, had been unemployed for seven years and experienced age barriers in securing employment. She did not have a license however was determined to start employment and was willing to use public transport to travel to work.

Jacqueline reached out to atWork Australia in Joondalup, Western Australia where she met job coach, Telia, who assisted with her resume and job search, as well as assisted throughout the Jobs Now program. Jacqueline was able to secure employment at IGA.

“I am so proud of Jackie, the day she went into hand her resume at IGA, she was so confident and felt good to ask if there was a vacancy and half an hour later, she got a call for an interview and started the next week,” Telia says.

Marley Spoon

Vivian migrated to Australia with her family in 2019 as a refugee from Iraq, dealing with many adversities and challenges, however, has maintained her goal of finding employment to help provide for her family.

Having completed a Bachelor of Physics in Iraq, Vivian has been unemployed since arriving in Australia due to her limited English skills, as well as some physical barriers stemming from the health conditions she lives with. Vivian participated in an English course to improve her language, however, her lack of work experience in Australia and language barriers made it difficult to progress her job search on her own.

Vivian reached out to atWork Australia and connected with job coach, Blaser. They worked together on interview preparation and how Vivian could highlight her strengths to improve her confidence. Blaser was notified of an opportunity with Marley Spoon as a production assistant and within a few days after the interview, Vivian was offered the job. To ensure Vivian’s success at Marley Spoon, Blaser organised work shoes and clothing before she started and lined up Post Placement Support.

“Thank you to atWork Australia and Blaser for always helping me when I needed it. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to change my life,” Vivian says.


Written by Emily Bencic via RetailBizz and published 18 January, 2021.

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