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Sharon has proven that reuniting with your family is one of the strongest motivators to finding work and can overcome all manner of setbacks and barriers.

When Sharon approached her local office of atWork Australia, she was facing seemingly intractable barriers. Her eyesight was weak, and she had just had a cornea transplant. She needed work but transport from was a problem, with most work locations being hours from home.

Sharon was matched with local Disability Job Coach, Sam said despite Sharon’s strong experience many employers were hesitant to hire her because of the distance involved.

“Nevertheless, she was very active in trying to find work and remained positive even when things were tough for her physically,” she said.

Sam worked closely with Sharon, with the two cold-calling a range of employers around her local area and with Sam organising for a first aid course to be completed by Sharon. After a successful interview, Sharon was offered a position at a local employer.

After 12 months of unemployment, Sharon “jumped at the chance” to work again, even though the job involves travelling several hours by bus each day for a six-hour shift.

Sam said she was excited to be back in the workforce. “She feels like she’s contributing to society once more, and she’s relieved to know she’s still needed. She feels validated that she’s secured employment and her self-confidence has improved – she’s very happy,”

“Sharon has never given me anything but positivity, an excellent work ethic and she’s been an amazing client.”

Sharon is also thankful for the support of atWork Australia, as the job means she can plan a move back overseas next year to rejoin her husband and puppies.

“Working has given me back my confidence, made me feel needed and I couldn’t be happier,” Sharon said.

Sharon’s manager Donna is similarly grateful for her new recruit.

“Thank you for giving us Sharon, she is an important team member and instrumental in the day-to-day running of our shop in” Donna said.

atWork Australia believes there is a job out there for everyone. We look forward to helping many more clients like Sharon find work that is right for them, let us help you next. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online.


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