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Quote reads: "It feels like it's not much for some people, but I now feel like I can climb a mountain and I do it everyday" said Belynda, Disability Employment Services Client, VIC.

Disability Employment Services client, Belynda has been out of the workforce for over 20 years due to her severe social anxiety. She has dedicated this time to raising her five children.

During this time, she was unable to leave the house without a family member. The thought of going to work was impossible in her eyes, she believed that this could only happen in her wildest dreams. But once she met with Job Coach Brad, at the atWork Australia office in Mooroopna, Victoria, she learnt this could be a reality for her.

Prior to meeting Brad, for years she had been presenting medical exemptions to employment services providers as she truly believed that she could not work and as a result, she had given up looking for work. She believed that it was easier for her to stay at home than it was to cope with her anxiety.

Within Belynda’s initial consultation, she was doubtful of the process. Brad could see what a great employee she would be, despite her not believing it. He encouraged her to let him support her achieve her goals, ultimately changing her life. Belynda agreed, understanding the positive impact this would make on her life both mentally and financially.

For the appointments to feel less daunting for Belynda, the pair discussed strategies that would make her feel more comfortable and confident. They agreed that Belynda would bring her daughter to appointments for support.

Throughout Belynda’s employment journey, Brad discussed ways in which we can assist in easing her nerves and prepare her for future employment. He discussed the Positivum program with her and its benefits, including: positive thinking, beliefs about health, thoughts about working, and the ability to get a job as well as coping and learning stress management skills. She completed this program whilst regularly attending her appointments.

Brad found a potential employer for Belynda. One in which he believed would make her feel comfortable and confident.

In her new position, she would be working in a small team of three cleaners; one she knew from being in the same community and the other being a friend of her sons. Belynda felt comfortable knowing that she was working with people that understood her and her anxiety eased, and she was looking forward to starting work.

She is now working in her new position and is loving it. She enjoys the freedom she feels being able leave the house independently. She continues to visit the team in Mooroopna, without her daughter, which is a massive achievement for her.

Belynda states that, “It feels like it’s not much for some people, but I now feel like I can climb a mountain and I do it every day”

“I am very proud of how far Belynda has progressed since first meeting her. Belynda needed someone to believe in her, not give up on her and support her to believe in herself. It’s great to see that Belynda can now leave her house, and look forward to going to work. It feels great to help her have a better life for herself”– Brad, Job Coach.

Every year, atWork Australia helps thousands of clients like Belynda expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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