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Shannon’s story is familiar to many job seekers today. Extended unemployment, mental health issues, a lack of confidence, plus little experience or qualifications. However, together with atWork Australia and her Disability Employment Services (DES) Job Coach Louise, Shannon was able to break through and successfully gain a role as a barista.

Shannon had been unemployed for two years before coming to atWork Australia’s Victoria Park office. While she had experience in the fast-food industry as a teenager, she was finding it difficult to gain employment as a young adult.

Facing mental health issues and already having low self-esteem, the endless rejection letters from multiple entry-level jobs did nothing to increase her confidence.

“You end up believing that you’re not worth anything and that perpetuates another wave of mental health issues,” explains Shannon.

It was now that Louise’s positive outlook and support for Shannon was vital.

Shannon was enrolled in a Certificate III in Retail and together, Shannon and Louise drafted a top-notch résumé and worked on interview simulation. As Shannon became more used to how interviews were conducted, she slowly began to feel as if a permanent job was possible.

The next step was reverse marketing, Louise and Shannon proactively approached local employers seeking the right opportunity. Throughout the process, Shannon knew that Louise was in her corner. “They help keep you motivated to look for jobs,” says Shannon “and their persistence in keeping track of my job applications helped me get to where I am today.”

When the right role did appear – a Barista at a local café – Shannon grabbed it with both hands, with a mix of happiness, nerves and excitement.

Today, she has settled in well to the role and is still in touch with Louise for support from time to time. And her advice for other job seekers in a similar position to where she once was?

“You are not alone.”

atWork Australia works alongside thousands of job seekers just like Shannon, helping them to gain confidence, qualifications and the right work for them. We can help you too. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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