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In early 2018, 28-year-old James, from Altona Meadows in western Melbourne, was having difficulties physically with stiffness and pain in his legs and joints.

He took some time off from his job but after feeling better and returning, he was advised his job was to be made redundant.

Shortly after, James was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, an autoimmune disease resulting in nerve damage which disrupts communication between the brain and the body.

For James, his MS diagnosis meant there was now physical limitations restricting the type of work he could do, plus he would often need time off work for treatment, hospital visits
and recovery.

Once James began to feel well, he was referred to atWork Australia for support in finding meaningful work and was introduced to dedicated Job Coach, Melece, from the Laverton office.

Melece and James met several times and chatted about what options were available and whether retraining would be needed.

James already had in his mind he would love to try traffic management and Melece was happy to arrange his training for the tickets he would need.

Melece says, “Upon meeting James I could see how committed he was in securing a position with traffic control. He really wanted to do something he would enjoy, not just have a job for the sake of it.”

James was enrolled with Proven Training Solutions to obtain the necessary tickets while Melece used her employer contacts to advocate for James.

Melece approached TDG Traffic Control and spoke with them about James, and given he was already obtaining the required qualifications, they were more than happy to interview him.

As it turned out, the same day James qualified with his tickets, he received a phone call saying he had the job, and after two years of unemployment, James was ecstatic to hear the good news.

“From the first time I spoke with Melece, I immediately felt as though she was trying hard to help me to get to where I wanted to be. I am very thankful to atWork Australia and in particular Melece.”

Melece says, “The employer is really impressed with James and has already discussed with me the possibility of providing further training for him. They believe he will eventually work up to a team leader role as he has many great qualities that suit the company.”

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