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Joel had always worked in customer service since he first entered the work force. Over time, Joel had run into problems in his personal life which had affected his ability to maintain steady employment.

This resulted in him being out of work for an extended period of time, which had a major effect on his motivation and self-esteem.

atWork Australia Stones Corner Job Coach Thomas assessed Joel’s situation and developed the most appropriate job plan. It was established that Joel really wanted to get back into the workforce and return to customer service.

Thomas helped to tailor Joel’s resume to suit the jobs he was looking for and ensured that Joel remained positive and motivated throughout the process.

After many phone calls to suitable employers and a spate of job interviews, Joel was offered the role of customer service representative for a major insurance company. He set a realistic target and achieved his goal.

Job Coach Thomas remarked, “He has come a long way since he entered the program and is a much happier person”.

One of the biggest challenges for anyone who is seeking employment, is staying motivated, particularly after an unsuccessful attempt, and Joel was certainly familiar with these. For he had been knocked-back by so many employers from the beginning of his commencement with atWork Australia and it was hard for Joel to keep his head up and stay positive.

However, with the extra help of his Job Coach, Joel stayed focused about finding the job he wanted.

According to Job Coach Thomas, Joel was not in the best shape when he first entered the Disability Employment Service, he was ostensibly unmotivated and depressed.

Over a few months, Job Coach Thomas started to notice positive changes in the client’s appearance and attitude. Joel was well dressed, had regular haircuts and seemed significantly healthier and happier. Joel had come a long way through positive motivation and Job Coach support,

He was very pleased and expressed excitement at the thought of getting started in his new position. He felt as though he could really get things back on track now that he got the job he wanted with a regular routine.

Job Coach Thomas said, “Getting to know Joel and understanding where he has come from and what he wanted to achieve really assisted in finding the right job”.

Thousands of people with a disability, injury or mental health condition have found meaningful work through atWork Australia. To see how we can help you or someone you know find meaningful work, call 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.

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