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Adan has found a good job with great prospects after seeking support for an anxiety disorder that’s had serious effects on his life, health and relationships.

After leaving school at the end of Year 10, Adan began an apprenticeship as a bricklayer, which he enjoyed. But poor mental health interrupted his work and prevented him from completing his traineeship, and by January 2018 he could no longer work due to the chronic nature of his illness.

Adan approached atWork Australia in August that year to get support from the Bankstown office. His Job Coach Yousef says Adan has worked hard to overcome his barriers to finding work.

“From the start, he hoped to return to his bricklaying work just as soon as his health resolved,” Yousef says.

Yousef began by connecting Adan to an atWork Australia psychologist so that he could quickly gain access to specialised support for his mental health. At the same time, they developed a job plan that focused on getting back into bricklaying work.

Together they developed a professional job searching kit, with a reworked resume and cover letters. They practised interview preparation and let atWork Australia’s network of employers know about Adan’s skills and availability though the employer engagement team.

Impressively, Adan also completed a Certificate II in Warehousing Operations to round out his qualifications and add an extra feather to his employability cap.

Adan was interviewed and happily landed a position as a forklift operator. Adan is delighted to be starting a stable job that also supports his mental health.

“He was excited and very happy, very pleased to get the job,” Yousef says.

Adan is now raring to go.

“I’m very pleased to get the job and cannot wait for my bright future!” Adan says.

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