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In 2014, Fahima had heart surgery which had a significant impact on her health. She experiences fatigue and is unable to do any heavy lifting or move around too quickly and frequently. This significantly affected the type of work she is capable of doing.

Prior to engaging with a Disability Employment Services provider, Fahima worked as a cleaner for three months but was unable to continue in this role due to health concerns and the level of pain she was experiencing. Her health condition and a challenging family situation affected her mental health as well.

Fahima realised that she needed assistance in finding a new job, flexible working conditions and an employer who is understanding of her health condition. She contacted atWork Australia’s Clarkson, WA office and was introduced to her Job Coach Pratik. The Job Coach says: “Fahima was extremely motivated to find work and worked hard on achieving this goal.”

Pratik worked with Fahima on her job plan to find suitable employment. Both decided that the best way forward would be to collate a list of each and every restaurant in the area and either apply for it online or through passing on her CV to potential employers in person. Building Fahima’s confidence through counselling was an important step in the employment journey.

Pratik was able to find a position as a kitchen hand in a local restaurant for Fahima. The initial interview went so well that the restaurant decided to hire Fahima straight away. Fahima says: “I was over the moon when I finally found work and this will put my life back on track.”

Fahima is very grateful for her new role and says: “ I am truly grateful to Pratik and Hannah from atWork Australia in Clarkson for helping me with this amazing job opportunity. After just two months of working with this restaurant, I became the chef’s and owner’s favourite staff member.”

Pratik says: “Fahima has been an exceptional client who will do whatever it takes to find work. She always has a big smile on her face and will never say ‘No’. Her new role has changed her life and made her feel proud of herself again.“

Fahima is hoping to gain permanent employment from this casual role.

The employer’s experience with atWork Australia has been very positive and he is considering to utilise a Disability Employment Services provider for future recruitment needs.

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