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For mature age workers (aged 50+), finding employment means enjoying a self-sufficient and fulfilling life and enjoying the health benefits work can bring. They have a lifetime of skills and experience to offer; in addition to reliability, strong work ethic and mentoring skills.

Mark, 54, from Ballarat, VIC has spent most of his working life painting things; mainly houses but occasionally trains, planes and automobiles.

Due to living with a medical condition, Mark was looking for a career change. He said: “Being in my 50s, I was worried that it was too late to learn some new tricks and how I was going to get by.”

Mark lost his confidence and became anxious, not knowing what to do, where to go or what his options were. “Starting out fresh again when being in my 50s is tough, especially with my comfort zone gone. I have always been told: ‘Get a trade and you will always have a job’”.

He was concerned that his employment options were limited due to his work experiences being only in one area of expertise. Therefore, he contacted atWork Australia in Ballarat for further assistance. Here, he connected with Job Coach Simone. Marks says: “Simone made the sign-up process very easy. We had just gone into lockdown, so it was all done by phone. The process was really explained to me well, including the expectations from me and the assistance I would receive.” He adds: “Simone took the time to get to know me and my interests, and assisted me in getting some focus back”, added Mark.

Simone suggested additional training in an area Mark would not have considered himself and enrolled him in a Certificate IV in Community Services. Once, Mark successfully completed his training, Simone suggested a role as a Job Coach at atWork Australia to him, taking into account his exceptional interpersonal skills.

Mark was very excited about his new role and the ability to pay his bills again. Simone was equally satisfied about Mark’s employment outcome, having provided him with the support he needed to get back into the workforceMark admitted: “Simone was excited that I am now working in an area that would allow some of the skills I had taken for granted being utilised. It also provides me with the opportunity to assist people in making the types of changes, she has supported me to make.“

Mark concludes: “I’m looking forward to learning new skills and facing the challenges that a new career change brings. It has been a lot of learning but working with clients has made the change worthwhile.”

Simone says: “Mark came to atWork Australia during the Covid-19 pandemic and presented with some health issues which prevented him from continuing to work in his trade. Mark proved himself to be a real people person, who genuinely wanted to make a difference. He was encouraged to explore all options, to have faith in himself and to step outside his comfort zone.”

Every year, our job coaches for people with special needs help thousands of clients like Mark. You, too, can expand your skills and qualifications, and find the right job with the right employer.Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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