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My Le was dismissed from her previous job of 10 years after she injured her shoulder at work. With her injury, no ongoing support and with language barriers she remained unemployed for over 2 years.

Desperately seeking work, after having no luck with another Disability Employment Services provider, My Le requested a transfer to atWork Australia Fortitude Valley, where she was paired with Disability Employment Services Job Coach Benny.

Together Benny and My Le worked on overcoming any initial obstacles that prevented My Le from accessing employment opportunities. Benny put a focus on building her confidence, working on her body language and providing a few interview tips.

Proudly, within a month of commencing with atWork Australia, My Le was referred to an existing employer, Belmont Private Hospital for a job role in hospitality.

Belmont Private Hospital is a cooperative employer that often works with atWork Australia to provide opportunities to job seekers with disabilities.

Benny discussed her conditions with the employer, redesigning some of the job duties in the job to suit her physical barriers. My Le was offered the hospitality position.

Benny proudly reports that My Le remains happily employed at the hospital, working close to full-time hours each week. She is fitting in well with the staff and appreciative of her role.

My Le says “I’m very happy and thankful you have found this job for me.”

Just like we did for My Le, we can provide you with the support, training and advice you need to become happily employed. Call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.


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