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Work for the Dole is helping me build my skills to get back into the workforce. Dhaqane, Workforce Australia Client, WA.

Before coming to atWork Australia, Dhaqane had been unemployed for more than two decades. Dhaqane came to Australia as a refugee, he has spent majority of his years in Australia being homeless.

When Dhaqane arrived in Australia he had limited skills, qualifications and education. He also had poor literacy and numeracy skills, which had a big impact on his confidence and self-belief. To make an already difficult situation even more challenging, Dhaqane had no identification.

Dhaqane was referred to atWork Australia’s Workforce Australia Midland office in Western Australia. He was introduced to his Job Coach, Racheal. They set out to develop a plan to support Dhaqane to build his skills and confidence. The focus was to set small, achievable goals that would prepare Dhaqane to return to the workforce.

Racheal thought that Dhaqane would benefit from participating in an activity. She enrolled him into Work for the Dole; this would be a great opportunity for Dhaqane to develop his skills and build confidence. atWork Australia were also able to provide financial support so Dhaqane could purchase new clothes and a mobile phone.

This support allowed Dhaqane to feel confident when attending his activity, allowed him to stay connected with his Job Coach and his host employer.

By participating in Work for the Dole, Dhaqane is more engaged with his local community and has given him exposure to other resources and services where he can find support. Dhaqane said, “I love doing my activity. The staff are supportive. This helps me build skills to get back into the workforce.”

At the end of 2022, Dhaqane was able to find stable accommodation, which has had a major impact on his confidence. Dhaqane’s Job Coach, Racheal said, “Dhaqane has faced many challenges. By participating in an activity has given him purpose and built his confidence.”

Dhaqane has come a long way on his journey with atWork Australia. He is developing skills that will prepare him for employment in the future.

 “Work for the Dole is helping me build my skills to get back into the workforce.” – Dhaqane, atWork Australia Client.

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