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Anttony is a valued new employee of a commercial cleaning company in Perth after overcoming a downward spiral into depression and 18 months of unemployment.

By the time he approached atWork Australia’s Cannington office several weeks ago, Anttony had already sought professional help to improve his mental health and get his life back on track. He had struggled with depression since high school and was determined to overcome it.

But, as he explained to his Job Coach Claire, it was often a challenge to maintain a positive attitude. He had few qualifications, little job experience and no driver’s licence.

Nevertheless, Claire felt that Anttony’s motivation to find work would see him succeed, despite his feelings of unworthiness.

“I knew there was something special about him – he always had a can-do attitude when he came into the office,” she said.

In order to find him suitable work, Claire initially worked with Anttony to identify his training goals before enrolling him in a number of courses to strengthen his résumé. They include elevated working platform and white card courses, which will allow him to work in the construction industry one day.

From the outset she also put forward his résumé to potential employers, knowing that Anttony was motivated and that finding work would do wonders to help shape a regular routine and improve his mental wellbeing.

After just a week, Anttony was “ecstatic” to learn he had been offered a job with a commercial cleaning company in the nearby suburb of Rivervale.

“I now have a purpose to get up in the morning and I love it!” he said.

Claire said Anttony was polite and hard-working and thoroughly deserved this new opportunity. “He was absolutely stoked when he found out about the job, and I know his employer has been happy with his work efforts so far,” she said.

His new manager was indeed thrilled to have Anttony as part of the team “We’re really glad to have Anttony on board. He is killing it!”

A fantastic outcome for all – nothing is powerful than the right person in the right job with the right employer.

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