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The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we work significantly. For some people, this has shown to be positive with more opportunities to work remotely from home being present. As technology advances, particularly around collaboration, more roles will have the ability to be performed remotely; and with a more flexible work culture comes a more diverse, highly talented workforce.

Patrick, 34, from Melton in Victoria lives with a mental health condition which effects his day-to-day living. He lives with social anxiety which makes face-to-face interactions and working in a traditional office-based environment challenging. Patrick experienced difficulties in finding employment due to his mental health condition effecting his communication skills when applying for positions.

He says: “After being out of work for more than a year, I was struggling with my mental health especially self-esteem, confidence and motivation to find a new job.”

Patrick reached out to atWork Australia in Melton where he met Job Coach Jessica. Jessica worked with Patrick on building his confidence and empowering him with the goal to commence in a role that is inclusive to maintain and sustain long-term employment. Jessica supported Patrick to ensure that the role was suitable, fit his needs and was able to provide ongoing support as well as assistance with technology to facilitate working from home.

Working with his Job Coach built Patrick’s confidence and he was able to manage his mental health barriers better and work on his communication skills to communicate effectively within a team environment.

Patrick was thankful and grateful for atWork Australia’s assistance and extra support in finding him employment in a customer service role at a local call centre, working from home.

Patrick said: “When I joined atWork Australia, they were detailed, attentive, constructive and sympathetic to my recent struggles with my job search. They were listening right from the first appointment because I found a job with atWork Australia almost immediately.”

Patrick’s employer is working closely with atWork Australia’s Employment Engagement Consultants and Post Placement Support Consultants to maintain long term employment.

“atWork Australia assisted me with the tools I needed to start a job in a call centre customer service role from home, tools I was unable to supply myself. I am grateful for that extra support they provided which allowed me to focus my time on starting work and really took the pressure off me to perform,” concluded Patrick.

Jessica says: “Patrick has moved forward in his employment journey and has been able to gain employment after only being engaged with myself for one week.”

atWork Australia helps thousands of people just like Patrick every year to find their way into meaningful work and life, let us help you too. Call us today on 1300 080 856  or enquire online

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