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Zach came to atWork Australia having completed School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) through his local NDIS provider. SLES helps give students the skills and confidence to move from school to employment.

Zach completed his SLES work experience at Selena’s Café on the Central Coast of New South Wales. At Selena’s Cafe, Zach was met with an understanding and supportive manager, and Zach enjoyed completing his work experience working within a small, family owned business.

Zach’s work experience went well and built his confidence in finding work after school, however, finding work wasn’t as straightforward as Zach had hoped due to his lack of experience and need for support and structure at work.

The atWork Australia Disability Employment Services Central Coast team were there to help and Barry, Zach’s Job Coach, worked with Selena’s Café to secure Zach paid work as a Barista. The employer was impressed with Zach’s performance during his work experience, and felt supported with wage subsidies and the knowledge of atWork Australia’s Post Placement Support service, meaning atWork Australia will support Zach in his role for as long as he needs.

To ensure Zach was joining a workplace with structure, Barry worked with Zach’s employer, who created task lists for Zach for each of his shifts, helping him to settle in and learn what was required of him in his new role.

Barry also helped Zach to better understand the expectations and responsibilities of his role, and together they developed strategies for Zach to remain focussed on the tasks he had been given. “Zach was very excited by his role, and also a little nervous. He was so excited that some days he would arrive at work half an hour early. Whilst it’s better to be early than late, together Zach and I worked through what was expected of Zach and his hours of work. I’ve also helped Zach to overcome first job nerves, which we have all experienced in our time! It has been very rewarding to see Zach’s confidence and skills grow,” Barry said.

atWork Australia also helped Zach undertake a Barista course at the local TAFE, enhancing Zach’s skillset for his new job, and building Zach’s confidence, which has filtered through into Zach’s work at Selena’s Café. “After I did my Barista training I made a customer a coffee and they liked it. I am very happy,” Zachary said.

Zach’s employer is also thoroughly impressed with Zachary’s work to date, “Zach is doing a great job. He is also very aware of food and safety requirements, which is very useful here at the café,” Selena said.

Zach’s successful job placement shows the effectiveness of our disability employment services for school leavers, transitioning them smoothly into the workforce. You, too, can find meaningful work with the right employer in your local community. Call us on 1300 080 856 or enquire online today.


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