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Christian (27) had never been able to find a role he really fit well into. He tried a range of roles including hospitality, cleaning and factory work but never felt confident in any of those roles.

Christian is an atWork Australia, Workforce Australia client who connected with Job Coach Jacquelene ‘Jac’ in Warrawong, NSW.

Christian lives with mental health conditions and can only work limited hours due to a back condition.

“In his first appointment he came with the attitude he was just here to check the boxes. But once he opened up to us, he realised we were here to help him achieve his goals,” said Jac.

Since working with Jac, Christian has been able to gain clarity, and motivation to jump into a brand-new role in a new industry he felt was out of his depth.

Jac referred Christian to our Wellness Services team who supported his mental health and wellbeing to give him the confidence he needed in his new role.

atWork Australia also supported Christian to organise his working with children and police check along with financially supporting him to purchase work clothing and shoes.

In his new role Christian says it does not feel like work to him. He is happy to get up and go to work everyday doing something he is passionate about.

“Christian is now working as a Community Support Professional supporting people with social, physical and emotional support. A role he is now thriving in,” said Jac.

His new role has also happened at the right moment of his life, just as he was getting married to the love of his life.

“I am so appreciative to have this new job right as I enter a new chapter of my life,” said Christian.

“atWork Australia have supported me find work that suits me. I get up every day and do something I am passionate about.”

Every year, atWork Australia helps thousands of clients like Christian expand their skills and qualifications to help them gain the right job with the right employer. Call us today on 1300 080 856 or enquire online to find out how we can help you meet your career goals.

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