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Australian owned cleaning and maintenance company Cloverdale embrace employing a diverse workforce and find one of their most reliable workers to date.

atWork Australia started working with Cloverdale Facility Services around six months ago, an Australian owned business that has been operating for over 25 years. atWork Australia help Cloverdale access the full talent pool and embrace a diverse recruitment strategy, whilst Cloverdale support atWork Australia job seekers by providing good, sustainable employment opportunities.

Cloverdale proudly service over 1,000,000 square meters of commercial property daily across Australia. They operate in four main business areas including Facility Cleaning, Facility Maintenance, Washroom & Hygiene and Combined Solutions.

Salim, Cloverdale Supervisor in NSW, met with Katrina, atWork Australia Employer Engagement Consultant around a year ago and together they formulated a plan to find good talent for Salim’s recruitment needs, sourcing from atWork Australia’s pool of job-ready clients. The atWork Australia relationship has strengthened and flourished over the last six months, with seven atWork Australia clients having been placed into employment with Cloverdale in the past six months.

From the very beginning the Cloverdale Team, who atWork Australia clients’ report to and work with, have been great. Katrina works closely with Salim and Jason from Cloverdale to ensure a seamless and quick recruitment support. “Salim, Andrew and Liam are all very approachable and helpful to our clients. They are thorough with their site handovers and training processes, which makes the stress and fear of starting a new job easier for our clients,” Katrina said. The Cloverdale team ensure a great working environment for our clients from the very beginning.

The Cloverdale team are also very open and approachable, which is great for atWork Australia clients, and makes working together to recruit great candidates for Cloverdale’s vacancies an efficient and effective process. “We are always looking for ways to make this system work even better, for atWork Australia clients, Cloverdale, and the atWork Australia team. For example, Cloverdale have recently developed a new online application process which atWork Australia also work with,” Katrina said.

“This has streamlined the referral and on-boarding process between atWork Australia clients and Cloverdale. We are now able to have our clients put through the Cloverdale HR process in a matter of days. This is great for Cloverdale as they can get new starters up and running quickly meaning less time without a full workforce, and it is great for atWork Australia clients starting with Cloverdale, as they can be onboarded and start their new jobs extremely quickly,” Katrina said.

“Salim is also always very open and honest with feedback on our client’s performance which assists me and the clients’ Job Coach to provide the correct level of Post Placement Support that is required. Where there is any need to discuss anything, Salim will communicate this with me throughout any stage of the client’s employment. It keeps communication open between our client, Cloverdale and atWork Australia, which plays a huge part in the success of our client’s sustainability in their jobs – which really is our number one goal in all of this,” said Katrina.

Katrina also works with Jason in the Cloverdale Operations Team. “Jason is very responsive to all my questions and will let me know when there is a new hiring request or if there is staff movement happening – ensuring we can find Cloverdale great talent for their vacancies quickly, from our pool of diverse talent,” Katrina said.

Jason Salim and Katrina maintain regular contact, checking in on Cloverdale employees and ensuring the working arrangement is consistently working for Cloverdale and for each placed client. “We want to ensure our clients maintain long term careers at Cloverdale, so ensuring we are kept up to date, and working through anything that arises along the way, is very important,” said Katrina.

Cloverdale are also extremely satisfied with their new employees, and their experience working with atWork Australia to source great candidates for their business. “It has been a pleasure working with atWork Australia and especially Katrina. Her quick response to any request and tireless efforts to find us, compatible staff. I thank Katrina and look forward to her ongoing support,” Salim said.

“As for our new employees – they are going above and beyond. Peter and Myrra are a couple of examples of the fantastic candidates atWork Australia has supplied us, and I have nothing but positive feedback. The site Peter cleans has never been as clean as what it is now that they have Peter working there as their regular cleaner. Peter goes out of his way to focus on the smallest of details. And Myra, she is such a hard worker with a strong work ethic, she goes above and beyond with great attention to detail. All in all, the candidates atWork Australia supply us continue to impress us, and we are very happy to have them part of the Cloverdale family,” Salim, Cloverdale Supervisor, said.

Together, Cloverdale and atWork Australia are successfully working in partnership to ensure atWork Australia clients maintain their jobs and develop long term careers with Cloverdale, whilst Cloverdale continues to maintain a diverse, productive and happy workforce. After all, nothing is more powerful than the right person in the right job with the right employer, and this Cloverdale story is a brilliant example of this.

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